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Are you a “cord-cutter”, or perhaps even a “cord-never”? Have you ever…

Negotiated a lower rate for your cable or internet bill, driven by a passion to save money where at all possible?

Removed rental equipment such as modems, routers and cable boxes, in favor of installing products you own to save on rental fees?

What keeps us up at night is the fact that there are only 1-2 options for internet service in any given area. Prices have skyrocketed while customer service has gotten worse.

Our job at Marshmallow Streaming is to solve this problem!

Who we are?

Marshmallow Streaming was created to handle the hassle of the cable company so you don’t have to. We are a full-service cost-saving provider, upgrading your internet and entertainment experience, putting you in control instead of the cable company. We are looking for people dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. People who want to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers by working to save them the most money on their monthly bills, without compromising the quality of their internet speeds and entertainment.

What you will do:

Speak with cable and internet companies on the customer’s behalf to remove unneeded services such as cable TV and landline services

Negotiate internet contracts that include speeds suitable for the customer

Recommend live TV streaming services based on the customer’s preferences

Remove and return all rental equipment back to the customer’s service provider to maximize monthly savings

Deliver and install home Wi-Fi systems, streaming devices, streaming services and indoor antennas

Provide follow-up support for customer issues and questions

What you will bring:

Strong interpersonal communication skills

Knowledge of the services offered in the industry

A constant outside-the-box thinker, understanding the industry to keep us ahead of the competition

Collaboration with fellow employees to improve our internal operations

Provide best-available solutions for our customers based on their needs

Strive to bring new ideas to the table every day; be open-minded to ideas of others!

Join a team where you can:

Build your customer service/experience skills

Learn more about the cable and internet industry and the opportunities to implement change for the consumer

Work with a collaborative team where innovation and fresh ideas are not just encouraged but welcomed warmly

Help customers better understand their options when it comes to cable and internet and see that education and awareness lead to cost savings and improved consumer experience

Opportunity to build the Marshmallow Streaming brand and bring new ideas to the table to continuously improve on our vision

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