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We are not incentivized to push a single service, nor sell any particular product. We are incentivized to save our customers the most money, without compromising quality, while providing the highest level of customer service.

This allows us to design the best solution for our customers, providing transparency to the upfront costs and savings along the way. Our success is measured in your savings:

56% - average monthly bill reduction
$140 - average monthly savings

George Kontos


George started Marshmallow Streaming as a hobby to share his cord-cutting knowledge for saving money on cable, internet and streaming services. Equipped with a backpack, a laptop and ethernet cables he helped 10 residents save a combined $12,000 on their cable and internet bill. The results spoke to a major issue in how the industry operates so he decided to turn this hobby into a company to change how internet and entertainment services are delivered, for the better.

Christopher Maciejczyk


Born and raised in Chicago, Christopher is a Web Application Developer with over 14 years of experience. As a developer he has built numerous business and e-commerce applications in a variety of environments and languages. When presented with the opportunity to create a company that not only made business sense but also offered a way to truly help people save money, he immediately jumped on board. If you don't see him behind a computer screen he's probably watching a Cubs game, playing a video game or trying to procure a rare craft beer.


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Can a streaming device remote control the power and volume on my TV?

What rental equipment do you return to my cable and internet provider?

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Do live TV streaming services have DVR features?

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